While You Pray!

Worship & StretchFind that your mind body connection has been temporarily severed? Try this inconspicuous stretch for your shin muscles and then return to your meditation with renewed focus. Using your hands lightly to help your balance, place all your weight in your left leg. Raise your right leg and cross it in front of your left leg, letting the toes of your right foot rest on the ground. Press down into the sole of your left foot, allow your spine to straighten and press up into the crown of your head. Now, bend your left knee and feel your left shin pressing into your right calf. Let the toes of your right foot curl under. Inhale deeply and as you exhale bend your left knee even more as your hips lower. Notice any areas of sensitivity and sensation and with each exhalation send your breath into these areas. Hold for no more than one prayer and repeat on the other side.