During intermission at the movies!

Sitting stretchIntermission at the theater and you don’t feel like getting up to stretch? This seated “mess around” will increase your chances of making it through the second half of the performance without dozing. Bring your spine away from the back of the chair and place your feet flat on the floor about hip width apart. Put your hands on your hips, relax your shoulders, and start to make some little circles with your hips. Next, try shifting your body so your belly button moves from side to side then front to back. Finally, put all the moves together like a belly dancer. After you’re warmed up, let the movement grow and notice your spine, shoulders, head, neck and knees getting into the act. Eventually, get the movement going in a big enough circle so that each cheek lifts off the seat- one at a time. Let your breathing flow comfortably with your movement and notice your body loosening and enjoying. When you’re ready, reverse the direction.