Try it while you’re working in the kitchen!

Kitchen StretchThe kitchen is a wonderful place to stretch. While you’re waiting for water to boil, try this waist whittling side stretch. Grab both ends of your dish towel and raise it above your head. Try to straighten your elbows and though your arms are extended up to the ceiling, relax your shoulders. Inhale, and see if you can feel your rib cage lift up out of your waistline. Stretch your arms up toward the ceiling as much as possible. As you exhale and without bending your arms or legs, slowly bend to your right. Notice if your left shoulder is coming forward and if it is, press it back, opening your chest and keeping your whole body facing forward. Imagine your body between two panes of glass, unable to move forward and backward, only moving down to the side and back up. Try to keep your arms and your elbows straight, and keep your chin away from your chest. Continue to breathe normally, lengthening as you inhale and lowering as you exhale. Notice your hips moving to the left and feel the delicious stretch through the left side of your body. Inhale slowly back up to center and repeat on the other side.