While you read the comics!

Sunday paper leg stretchSettle in down on the floor with your favorite sections of the newspaper. You might want to sit on the edge of a cushion or with your back up against the wall or a sofa. Extend both legs in front of you and then spread your legs wide apart. With your arms on the floor for support, inhale deeply and feel your rib cage lift up out of your waist. As you exhale, hinge forward at your hips, letting your chest lower down toward the floor. Invite your legs to straighten as much as possible and flex your ankles, pressing out through your heels to intensify the stretch. Breathe normally and hold the position for a few moments. Inhale your body back up to center. Now, making any special adjustments that your body might be asking for, reach over for the paper and place it on the floor in between your legs. Allowing your body to move into in a relaxed modification of this seated angle stretch, relax and enjoy your reading.