Before a Mid-Day Walk

Is your body sayinSeated before walkg it’s time to break loose but the clock on the wall shows that it’s not even lunch hour? Push your chair back from your desk and try this energizing move. Then, pass up a long lunch and take your newly stretched hips, legs and back out for a brisk walk before starting your afternoon’s work.

Gently press down through the soles of your feet, let your spine move away from the back of your chair and allow the top of your head to lift up toward the ceiling. As you inhale, lift one leg up off the floor and interlace your fingers, placing your hands just below your raised knee. Notice if your shoulders are rolling forward and if your spine is rounding back toward your chair. On your next inhalation allow your spine to straighten, gently push your chest forward and let your chin be parallel to the floor. Breathing normally, allow your shoulders to lower and relax as you gently draw your leg closer to your body with each inhalation. When ready, slowly lower your leg and repeat on the other side.